Kingston Mixed Reality Hackathon



October 25–27, 2019

Registration is now open!

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Mixed Reality Hackathon: Hack4Heritage

Imagine Artists + Unity developers collaborating to create portals to heritage worlds.

It’s happening.

Kingston, Ontario is the place to be. When?

October 25–27, 2019!

Think of the future

Create Part of Our Collective Story as an Immersive Experience

The aim is for collaboration between disciplines: to smudge boundaries between artists, creatives and techies, by working in small teams to create experiences that embrace personal and group identity.

  •  help someone share their story
  •  invite others to help express your story


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Heritage is everywhere

About the Theme

The  challenge is to use collective artistic and technical abilities to represent heritage through sight and sound, in immersive media. Our heritage is a core source of individual and group identity, vitality, and inheritance. It allows us to maintain a human connection to our past while simultaneously asserting our similarities with and differences from one another.

Heritage is poutine, Montezuma Castle, Chamomile tea, a Kenojuak Ashevak print, kissing each cheek in greeting, Maasai Adumu dance, the Great Wall of China, Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’, the Underground Railroad. It includes objects, places, landscapes, knowledge and customs. As creators we’ll use our heritage, individual and universal, to design new stories that make the past the present in mixed reality. With the passage of time, through thoughts, words, and decisions we may create a legacy. “What will you leave behind for others to value?”

It Guides us from within


Practicing artists of any discipline, creatives, and Unity developers from newbies to experts are invited to participate.

If you have experience or interest in gaming and/or mixed reality, and if you are studying or have experience with C# and Unity 3D, please join us on this creative exploration!

People from VR|AR|MR|XR communities in Kingston and beyond are invited to apply.

How do we know?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixed reality?

Mixed reality is the spectrum of immersive reality, including augmented reality and virtual reality.

Microsoft describes mixed reality as blending real-world and virtual content into hybrid environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event, usually lasting a few days, where small teams collaborate on projects to solve problems.

mixed reality hackathon is an event where people collaborate to create immersive experiences, games or apps.

What skills are needed on a team?

Combinations of artists and creatives, storytellers, UX designers, audio designers, 3D modellers, 3D animators and must have of course, one or two Unity developers (any skill level).

Collaboration skills are essential!

I want to learn how to make MR experiences. A hackathon sounds like fun, but I don’t think I know enough of any programming language to participate (unless I’m seriously misunderstanding what’s required in a hackathon).

It won't hold you back. Everyone starts somewhere, you just gotta start! Really, you can do it!

If you're a keener, eager and enthusiastic to get started, click here to learn key concepts and install the tools.

How do I find a team?

Don't worry, teams will be formed the first evening.

Is there a theme for this hackathon?

Yes. Heritage is the theme of this hackathon, serving as inspiration for the experiments and innovations created during the event. Heritage includes objects, places, landscapes, knowledge and customs.

Can I attend if I'm not from Kingston?

Yes, we'd love for you to share your skills at the hackathon!

How do I get to Kingston and where will I stay?

The Toronto, Ottawa and Syracuse airports are a few hours drive from Kingston or you could fly directly to the city. Via Rail, Greyhound and Megabus also serve Kingston.

Stay tuned for more travel information, including accommodations.

How much does it cost to participate?

The early bird registration fees range from $100 CAD to $275 CAD. Fees will go up August 28th! 

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Meet the Team

Julie Driver

Julie is an immersive experience creator, extended reality community builder and information technology generalist. Her background includes project management, coaching and photography. She is editor of the Community Heritage Ontario newsletter and founder of ARtefactVR.

Andy Fidel

Andy is a social media and spatial network strategist. Virtual nomad. Collects hashtags on a daily basis. Supports entrepreneurs in their quests for social impact as digital media instructor. 

Colton Leonard

Colton is a creator and imaginator, he loves to create and has a passion for digital media, design, gaming, and marketing. His background includes an advertising and marketing degree, many years of photography, welding, and more. He is founder of CLC Media and thrives on problem-solving.

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